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This is a collection of pre-production demos from throughout 2013.


released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Vekora Rochester, New York

In the lonely sands of commerce comes another musical adventure for your listening pleasure. Vekora is a band of human being people, writing songs that they are meant to write. Alexandra Wendt, Kurt Schmidt, and Jesse Sprinkle are fusing together their influences from the past couple decades: Apple Seed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Cure, The Smiths, Mogwai, Bjork, Jawbox, etc. ... more

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Track Name: Astronomy (Pre-Production)
You deserve the brilliance of the stars.
You are the heartbeat of all the thieves and murderers
who learned from all their scars.

Remember all the things you never wanted to know.
Bring to surface all the rejection; all the failures that you've grown.
Lay down all the contradiction and replace all your skin.
All of those thieves and those murderers learned from scars
that weren't even in them.

Stars keep growing,
Reaching out.
Light keeps flowing.
Radiant excess.
Track Name: Remnant Ablations (Pre-Production)
Oh, in all the remnant ablations,
here is the sound of abundance.
We are speaking words into the atmosphere,
that there might be something there.

Your destiny requires you to,
Shake it off, shake it off,
To let it go.

There might be something there...
Track Name: Bewildered (Pre-Production)
Let me bring clarity to who you are;
I am not your Polaris,
But I’ll walk with you.
Every time you want me to,
I’ll be where you are.

“There is no place for you here...”, she said.
“ leave.”
But, it’s okay. I wanted to go anyway.
I have an imminent, imminent space to travel.

And I’ll always be leaving my arrival inside the Sun behind me.
You’re runnin’ through, bleedin’ to me.
I don’t know who You are sometimes but I’m learning.

Go thee ahead of me and find something else for me to leave.
Walk thee in front of me and change what I believe.

Just leave...oh, just leave.
Track Name: Back For Lapse (Save the Clock Tower Version)
I can't find the constant affliction;
I can't find the truth in addiction.
Don't free me.

Oh, get me out of this,
When did I get me into this?
I need a precipice or I'm not gonna make it,
I'm not gonna make it home.

Can you hear me? (x3)
Lying to your faces.